Builder portal


Lot Inventory

Sales representatives are given a real-time snapshot of their current sales opportunities and are given the options to directly input their sales, cancels, closings, transfers, starts and completions. Once the data has been input, Pipsy instantly updates all of your data streams to reflect the changes.


Lot Status Mapping

In addition to the developer and consumer mapping interfaces, a special mapping application is available to all sales representatives in your communities to see a real-time snapshot of the communities they sell in. These tools have proven to benefit both the sales reps as well as potential buyers in their model homes who are trying to find that perfect lot.



A traffic interface gives sales reps the power to directly report their traffic figures to the developer. Utilizing two different systems, Pipsy gives the ability to report high level groupings of traffic, or a more detailed approach to capture potential buyer information for marketing follow-up.


Competition Report

High level competitive numbers are optionally available to all sales reps to gain insights into which builders are outperforming their counterparts.


Builder Communication

Keep your builder partners up to date with happenings in each community with internal calendars and an internal messaging system.

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