Buyer Tools


Drop-In Web Inventory

Utilize Pipsy's customizable web application with real-time mapping to bring your inventory online in less than five minutes.


Pipsy CoPilot

Introducing CoPilot, the first of it's kind digital wayfinder that helps your prospects navigate your communities with ease without having to rely on traditional signage. Deliver your prospects GPS sensitive and up to the second information on inventory, floor plans, amenities and so much more.


Welcome Center & Model Home Touchscreens

Utilize Pipsy's touchscreen technology to give your prospects and builders real time access to your Pipsy data. Customized interfaces display data such as inventory, mapping, or general community information. And now with a connection to CoPilot, allow your users to create their favorite lists that seamlessly hand off to their mobile devices allowing easy and efficient navigation around your community.


Lead Tracking and Analytics

Due to all lead data flowing through your Pipsy install, easily discover valuable insights into your prospects information and location.

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