Lot management


Lot Inventory

In the past, data has been spread out between your public website, information centers, custom apps, inventory sheets, email marketing - the list goes on. Lot Management unifies all of these data points into one system that is open to third parties using cutting edge technology that is constantly updated and monitored for inaccuracy using Pipsy’s built in AI.


Builder Feeds

A seamless integration with your projects builders via BDX formatted feeds gives Pipsy the power to continually maintain the accuracy of your lot inventory. In addition, Pipsy has been trained to spot bad data such as missing sales, cancels, closings, transfers, starts and completions.


Architectural Review

Integrate your internal ARC processes into Pipsy with complete control over your lot plans and master plans. All historical data is quickly reviewable on Pipsy's extensive mapping and management systems.


Document Management

Built into the builder portal, Document Management allows two-way communication between the developer and builder to submit and approve buyer documents.


Persistent Data Cleanup

Pipsy doesn’t sleep. An around the clock schedule is integrated into your community to find and correct issues with your project’s lot inventory. If Pipsy hasn’t been instructed to resolve the issue automatically, exception logs are available to community admins to help find and diagnose issues.


Lot Import & Update

When new sections come online or many lots need to be updated, Pipsy’s built in lot import and update tools give users the ability to swiftly update your projects inventory details.


Floor plans

In conjunction with your builder feeds, a floor plan system ties all of your communities floor plans into one real-time and simplified interface.


Management Systems

Interfaces to manage every detail about your lots has been built into the administrative section of Pipsy. Everything from your lots, sections, school districts, MUD’s, and everywhere in between, all of your projects data is managed through the Pipsy interface.

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