Lot Status

Get a real time glimpse of the status of your projects with geospatial data laid on top of 2d and 3d maps. Built-in tools into the map allow you to see lot and sales history directly in the mapping applications via connections to the lot management interfacing.


Lot Map

An advanced mapping application allows administrators to quickly filter and find lots that match specific criteria. Query on almost anything related to the lot record such as builder assignment, takedown/start/complete/sale/closing dates, lot premiums, acreage, frontal footage, lot types, and over 100 other possibilities. Once the lot set has been established an instantaneous Excel export becomes available.


Public Mapping

Bring the power of Pipsy's mapping to your public facing websites by giving potential buyers an aerial view of your project to quickly find that perfect lot. Built in instant-refresh filters allow for quick and easy access to your inventory.


Sale and Closing Heat Maps

Determining where to send direct mail and where to place billboards just got a lot easier. Heatmaps show where both your sales and closings are coming from so you can spend your marketing dollars wiser.

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