There’s no greater treasure trove of marketing data than your own sales history. Pipsy unlocks your data by providing valuable reports displaying everything about your buyers so you can make more informed marketing decisions moving forward. Dozens of reports are geared towards demographics, geographics, popular first inquiry sourcing, and many, many more.


Realtor Reporting

A comprehensive realtor reporting system was built to be a one-stop shop for your realtor relations representatives. Detailed lists of realtor involved sales as well as high level "top selling" reports are available with custom date filtration for a quick and easy reporting on which realtors are performing within your projects.



In-depth inventory reporting helps land and project executives determine the current status of your communities available lot inventory and gives valuable insights into builder performance, construction statuses, and much more.


Automated Weekly Reporting

Pipsy has been trained to automatically send community specific weekly reports as well as executive level company wide reporting. These reports have been proven to save developer employees dozens of hours every week, allowing staff to focus on their communities rather than report building.


Sales Analysis

Gain valuable insights for your marketing and executive teams to fine-tune your lot offerings to see what’s selling at which price point.



As traffic entries flow in from the builder sales reps, detailed traffic analysis provides data rich reporting displaying which of your marketing efforts are converting to prospects. In addition, an information center module has been constructed to give your hostess the ability to enter traffic.


Builder and Salesperson Performance

Competition is the name of the game. Builder performance is broken out by lot type to show which builders are exceeding sales expectations and which are not.


Activity Monitors

Whether it be sales rep activity, weekly summaries, or issues with builder feeds, custom modules are built to give development users the ability to always see what’s happening in their projects.


Google Analytics

Built in Google Analytics dashboards are available for executives seeking high level website analytics.



Creating reports for investors or the executive team just got much easier. All tables and charts are exportable to popular formats such as Excel, PDF, and JPG.

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