Dear IT team,

One of the first questions we get asked is "how does this integrate with our existing infrastructure and public websites?"

Pipsy is open and modeled around your existing environment. Continue using your CRM like you've been. Pipsy already has established communication with all major CRM platforms.

For inventory, Pipsy offers a variety of methods to retrieve your inventory for your public facing applications. Whether it be your public website, native phone applications, or your welcome center, Pipsy offers both BDX formatted XML as well as a comprehensive GraphQL endpoint. In addition, a custom application is available that brings in all of your mapping and inventory with filters. The application is as easy to install as Google Analytics. Copy/paste and you're up and running.

Pipsy is tech agnostic.

Whether you're operating in a Microsoft or Linux based stack, Pipsy can communicate with your existing environment.

Pipsy is customizable.

Through it’s module-based system, Pipsy can be completely customized to the developers unique processes and procedures.

Pipsy is focused.

Pipsy is laser focused on the unique needs of master planned community developers.

Plays well with others.

Keep your existing CRM setup. Seamlessly integrates with all major CRM solutions to pull and push the data you require.

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